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Coffee is an essential part of our day. Traveling abroad changes much of our daily routine; In fact, it turns it upside down. One thing remains the same, though, and that is the need for caffeine. Every city has its own coffee shrine, and in the city of Copenhagen that shrine is no other than The Coffee Collective.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective is a brewery roastery with three coffee bars. The flagship branch at Jægersborggade, the central coffee-on-the-go at Torvehallerne and their latest addition to the family at Godthåbsvej.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective proudly boast their quality, local Danish coffee beans. Its baristas rack up many awards in the coffee industry, such as World Barista Championship and Europe’s Awards for Coffee Excellence.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

The branches are very different. In Jægersborggade you will find yourself at a coffee bar without a bar, getting pretty intimate with the staff and the coffee machines. The decor is minimalistic and rocks a vintage vibe. We sat in the back room, near the window. It is a nice, cozy place where you can spend a pleasant morning.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

Another great thing about this branch – you can get some divine pastries from Meyers Bageri across the road to go along with your cup of coffee. I know – we weren’t sure about how legitimate that was at first but to be honest everyone was doing it. It’s a quieter, more relaxed experience than what you have at Torvehallerne. A perfect fit for those slow mornings.

Om Nom Nomad - Meyers Bageri

The Torvehallerne branch is busy busy busy. It is the most central branch, right at the entrance to a market that is packed full of people most parts of the day.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

People usually order take away here but there are many places to sit down and enjoy the coffee as well as anything else you might have just bought at the market. The feel is more modern and sleek – perhaps a bit retro-futuristic (I especially liked the look of their coffee machine).

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

While the locations were pleasing, we were less fond of their actual coffee and felt it was overpriced. At Torvehallerne we paid 32 kr. / $5 / 18₪ for a small cup of cappuccino. At Jægersborggade we got one large cappuccino for 38 kr. / $5.5 / 21.5₪ and a large cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream for the same price.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

The cups were fairly small compared to the standard I’m used to, and they weren’t even filled all the way to the top. On both occasions it also felt watery, diluted and devoid of any strong coffee notes. To be fair, most of the coffee we tasted in Copenhagen suffered from the same faults, so maybe that’s just a quirk attributed to the city, rather than an issue on Coffee Collective’s side.

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

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