Giant Snack Haul from Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore [Part 4]

Om Nom Nomad - Giant Snack Haul

A while ago we had an amazing tour in southeast Asia, which included Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore. What do you think took up most of the space in my luggage? Snacks, of course.

This is the fourth of a series of posts containing tasting of over 35 candies and snacks I collected during my travels. The first post in the series can be found here, the second here and the third here. Today we’re about to discover another 7 snacks.

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Fun & Innovative Lunch | Tippling Club, Singapore

Om Nom Nomad - Tippling Club

Our lunch at Tippling Club, a serial Asia’s Best 50 restaurant, was stellar. It was a creative, innovative and tasty journey that lasted 3 hours. Chef Ryan Clift has made sure every step of the way was filled with fun, playful and surprising elements.

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