What the Duck | Non Entrée Desserts, Singapore

Om Nom Nomad - Non Entrée Desserts

Scavenging through Instagram to build my foodie itinerary for Singapore I came across many pictures of a rubber ducky. Oddly enough – this wasn’t the case of mis-hashtagging we all often bump into in Instagram. Rather, this was an actual edible rubber ducky! Turns out this is one of the signature desserts at Non Entrée Desserts.

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Giant Snack Haul from Budapest [Part 1]

Om Nom Nomad - Giant Snack Haul from Budapest

We just got back from a 5-days trip to Budapest, and guess what we staffed our suitcase with? You got that right, lots and lots of snacks and goodies.

Let’s get to tasting with the first 8 items. The other 21 will follow in the next couple of weeks, so keep some room in your belly 😉

(Disclaimer: Not all items are 100% Hungarian, but all were collected from stores in Budapest and some are indeed made in Hungary)

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