Hi we’re Tali and Opher. By day we are a Business Analyst and a Creative Developer, and by night we eat. a lot. Actually not only by night. You get the point. This blog is the result of our shared passion for good food, travel planning, design and photography.

We’re still learning the ropes of blogging, and hoping to finally create a place to share our food adventures in Israel and around the world. The vision for this blog is something we’ve had in mind for quite a while. We strive to create what we personally enjoy the most in food blogs – mesmerizing food pictures but without mountains of text to read. Clean. Elegant. Tasty.



Mouse, Israel – Eat, Photograph, Love – The omnivore nomad that will make you drool (Hebrew)

The Straits Times, Singapore – Food Trending: What readers are snapping and eating (English)


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