Leave No Potato Behind | Amass, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Amass

Located practically in the middle of nowhere is an impressive looking industrial warehouse with its own garden. Inside it – Amass – the super hyped restaurant by chef Matt Orlando, formerly of the three-starred and two starred Michelin restaurants Le Bernardin, Le Manoir, The Fat Duck and Per Se. Orlando also spent quite some time in Noma’s kitchen and at 2013 decided to leave and open his own place.

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It’s very tasty being green | O’sulloc, Seoul

Om Nom Nomad - O'sulloc

South Korea, the nation of Kimchi has turned in recent years to a nation of coffee shops. In a city with more than 17,000 coffee shops (source: reuters), it’s not surprising that some of them are among the most extraordinary and bizarre themed cafe joints in the world! Korean themed cafes include ring making cafe , cat, dog and even sheep cafe, Hello Kitty themed cafe, Lego Cafe, selfie cafe and a photo studio cafe. Just think of a concept – there’s probably already a cafe in Seoul just like that!

Travelling in Seoul, It’s impossible to avoid the cafe craze. When I was planning my trip, I made sure to include a visit to some of its more unique cafes and we’ve been sharing those experiences here during the last couple of weeks. The first cafe experience I shared was from the Poop Cafe in Insadong, followed by the 3D latte art cafe in Hongdae. Today I’m going to take you to a different neighborhood – Myeong-dong and another great cafe place – O’sulloc.

A morning downpour in Seoul forced us to make a change of plans. We decided to spend a lazy morning at a coffee shop which caught my attention a day before. O’sulloc Tea House, conveniently located right by our hotel, is a themed cafe which specializes in green tea.

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A Cup o’ Jørn | The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - The Coffee Collective

Coffee is an essential part of our day. Traveling abroad changes much of our daily routine; In fact, it turns it upside down. One thing remains the same, though, and that is the need for caffeine. Every city has its own coffee shrine, and in the city of Copenhagen that shrine is no other than The Coffee Collective.

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Fancy Asian? | Nithan Thai, Tel Aviv

Om Nom Nomad - Nithan Thai

Nithan Thai has been through a lot since it had opened a year ago. It first started as a Royal Thai restaurant, offering an authentic experience that “treats each guest as a member of royalty”. Publications began circulating claiming a crazy weeks-long waiting list and reviews talked about subpar, kitsch food. The inclusion of Thai girls in traditional outfits whose job is to wash guests hands was met with skepticism and awkwardness.

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Cinnamon Swirls and Tombstones | Meyers Bageri, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Meyers Bageri

This iconic artisanal bakery can surely take care of your sugary needs. It was founded by Clause Meyer, who, among his other great achievements, opened Noma together with chef René Redzepi. The culinary superstar is often credited as the founder of new Nordic cuisine. Today he is the co-owner of the Michelin starred restaurant Studio, a vinegar brewery, a cooking school and many other establishments.

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Not your Typical Brunch | Cafe Europa, Tel Aviv

Om Nom Nomad - Cafe Europa

Lately many restaurants in Tel Aviv started serving brunch over the weekends. This is perfect for us, seeing as how we mostly go out to eat on the weekends. We are always looking for new places that serve more than just the all-Israeli-breakfast that had become so prevalent lately.

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