Giant Snack Haul from Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore [Part 1]

Om Nom Nomad - Giant Candy Haul from Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore

We’re back from an amazing tour in southeast Asia, which included Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore. What do you think used up most of the space in my luggage? Snacks, of course.

During the next few weeks I’ll be compiling a series of posts which will include tasting of over 35 types of candy I collected during my travels. So let’s get started with the first 10!

The second part of the haul is available here

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Comforting Japanese Curry | Sama, Hong Kong

Om Nom Nomad - Sama Curry

In our last night in Hong Kong we were strolling around the Mid Level Escalator area. We must have walked around an hour and a half looking for a place to eat. You see, it’s not that there’s nowhere to eat in the Mid Level Escalator area; It is, in fact, full of restaurants and bars! It’s just that we were in the mood for a cozy and quiet place but every spot that seemed decent was just too crowded and noisy.

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Avoiding the Lines at the Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant | Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of good restaurants, particularly chinese restaurants but among them there was one that is unanimously dubbed as a “must” – and that is Tim Ho Wan. “The cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world” is actually part of a dim sum restaurant chain originating in Hong Kong, with three of its branches receiving the acclaimed star. It was opened in 2009 by chef Mak Pui Gor, formerly of the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Lung King Heen (where we also had a chance to dine in). Tim Ho Wan rapidly expanded and currently has branches in Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and soon even New York.

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Polka Dots and Lightning Ice Cream | Oddies Foodies, Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies is not your usual ice cream place. As you enter you’re confronted with a window where all sorts of crazy and astounding ice cream cones are lined up like pretty Barbie dolls. And boy, are they spectacular, with designs that are somewhere between inspiring and insane. Originally they had another branch in Wan Chai which closed down.

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