Luke’s Lobster – Harajuku, Tokyo

When I first sat down to write my first blog post I encountered a small obstruction. I was unable to use my keyboard because of Japanese snacks. Yes, a mountain of Japanese snacks literally got in my way of writing this one. Just got back from 2 weeks long vacation in Tokyo, following posts will portray some of Tokyo’s sights, adventures and (mostly) food. I’ve actually started writing this post while standing in line of one of the most delicious burgers in Tokyo. So here we go..

We discovered Luke’s Lobsters Rolls on our second day in Harajuku, passing some time before our lunch at Ukai-tei. What caught my attention was the long line trailing from this small booth. Later I learned that Luke’s Lobsters is a New York institution opened back in 2009. Now it already has more than 15 locations and is considered an east coast staple. Read More