This New Italian Sets the Bar High | Pomo, Tel Aviv

Om Nom Nomad - Pomo

There’s a new Italian restaurant in town! Better yet, it’s a new Italian restaurant that’s really close to our home! This new player is Pomo, joining the two other boot-nation joints in Ramat Hachayal Hi-Tech campus Joya and Pronto Kiosko.

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Pass On the Pasta | Pronto, Tel Aviv

Om Nom Nomad - Pronto

Pronto is an Italian restaurant, founded in 1988 by film director Rafi Adar (who just announced his departure from the restaurant). In 2010 Chef David Frenkel joined him to create a classic Italian cuisine combining mediterranean ingredients.

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[Closed] Shulchan has a lot to bring to the table @ Tel Aviv

We were looking for a place to have an indulgent lunch on a lazy Friday when a picture from Shulchan (“Table” in Hebrew) popped up in my Facebook feed. After a brief debate (atypical for us, since it usually involves at least a couple of hours) and quick phone call to make sure there’s an available table, we were on our way to Rothschild St.

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