Our Big Fat Danish Wedding | Ærø Island, Denmark

Last year we traveled all the way to Denmark, to get married on the beautiful island of Ærø.

If you are planning on getting married in Denmark or are thinking about it, I warmly advise hiring the service of a private agency which often helps expedite the process and overcome any language barrier. We used Getting Married in Denmark which was recommended by a friend who got married a few months prior. They took care of everything, from booking to the apostille service, and allowed us to enjoy what the place has to offer without worrying about the logistics too much.

We also made sure this beautiful occasion will always be remembered, so we hired Jens, a charming and friendly local photographer. The photos turned out amazing and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Fun fact: this island hosts a few thousand weddings every year!

So you’ve booked a flight and you’re heading to Ærø but what is there to do on this island? Well, let me tell you all about that.

About Ærø

The magical island of Ærø is located in the Danish Baltic sea, south of Odense. It has a population of roughly `6000 and an area of 88 km2.. With its historic towns, picturesque roads overlooking fields and coastlines, it’s a study in charm and serenity.

Getting to Ærø

If you’ve just landed in Copenhagen, like we did, the first step on the journey to Ærø is a scenic three hour drive down to Svendborg. The second leg of the journey to Ærø is by ferry.

You can board the ferry by foot or by car, but we recommend using a car to get around the island – it’s just more convenient. By the way, Ærø is the only island with no bridge to the mainland, so a ferry is the easiest way to go. Make sure to check the schedule and plan accordingly.

We had to stay overnight in Svendborg to catch the morning ferry. Visit the Aeroe Ferry site and book ahead to reserve your (or your car’s) place on the ferry. The duration of the crossing from Svendborg to Ærøskøbing is about 75 minutes, and you’ll enjoy amenities such as free Wi-Fi, cafeteria and all-you-can-view panorama.

Staying In

We spent one night at Hotel Aeroehus. The place is charming and the rooms are cozy, clean and spacious. The room was ready even before our check in time. It is located just a short walk from the town square and the town hall so it’s very convenient.

Things to do

Stroll around Ærøskøbing

The old town is mostly flat so it’s perfect for strolling aimlessly, soaking in the fresh air, taking in the breathtaking views and colorful buildings dating all the way back to the 1600’s.

You can start from the Town’s Main Square (torvet), and make your way through the narrow cobblestone streets. It’s amazing to think that this quaint and historic scenery isn’t a set from Game of Thrones or something. It’s an actual town with all the hustle-and-bustle!

The church was one of the spots where we took some just-married photos.

The muddy pond is a nice spot to stop and duck-watch for a bit.

Visit Rise Brewery

Rise is the only brewery on the island and one of the largest microbreweries in Denmark. They offer tours and during the summer time also serve lunch and dinner. We only had time for a quick visit and to purchase a few bottles of beer:

The beer that we’ve tried is excellent! Their Pilsner has more body and flavor, while the red-hued Walnut bock has both nutty and sweet notes, with a smooth finish. (This wasn’t written by a beer-review bot. We promise!)

Vesterstrand Beach

This striking beachfront is something you wouldn’t want to miss out. It’s not the beach itself that stands out, but rather its collection of teeny tiny beach-houses facing the waterfront in all sorts of vivid colors.

What to eat

You won’t find any fast-food joints in Ærøskøbing, so one of several restaurants are pretty much your only option. Having that said, I can say that we enjoyed all the food we tried and we had a pleasant time in all the places that we’ve visited. Be aware that they are a bit pricey though. We spent 1.5 days on the island so we had lunch, one dinner, spend an afternoon at a cafe and had a quick lunch right before we hopped back on the ferry to the mainland. In general, like the rest of the island, the restaurants close down fairly early.


Mumm is located in the heart of the oldtown, and is very easy to recognize by the bright yellow front. We went to Mumm for lunch on the first day of our arrival. The food at Mumm is nice, but a bit overpriced.

The service is not the most professional (our awkward waiter told us we were “wonderful” as we made our way out of the restaurant. Thanks.. I guess?). There’s outdoor seating in the lovely courtyard, but we preferred to sit in as it was a bit chilly outside.

We ordered two platters of fish: Fish Symphony (130 kr. / $21 / 73₪) – fried tiger prawns, house-made salmon tartar and pan-fired cod fillet, and Traditional Danish Fish Plate (120 kr. / $19 / 68₪) – herring, currycream and egg, pan-fried fish fillet with home-made rémoulade.

The fish were very tasty and fresh. My favorite was the herring, which was much sweeter than it was salty (as it is often prepared in Israel). Our least favorite was the salmon tartar. The dense bread that came along with the dish had an interesting beer scent to it and was fun to munch on.

Mumm Online:


Everyone can find something in Addis. Their small but diverse menu features steaks, pasta, schnitzel, salad, sea food and fish. The decor is bold – with red wall paint and a checkered floor. It’s a bit fancier than Mumm, with white tablecloth and nice background music for the atmosphere.

We arrived for dinner at 19:00 and were the only ones in the restaurant (and maybe on the island?) during the entire evening.

For starters we ordered Fried Scallops, Cherryglace, Pickled Apples, Bread and Salted Butter (88 kr. / $14 / 50₪). 

The Fresh Pasta with Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic and Parsley (128 kr. / $20.5 / 72.5₪) was al dente with meaty mushrooms and great seasoning.

The Fried Plaice (168 kr. / $27 / 95₪) was served with potatoes and parsley sauce. The portions are very generous, and we left stuffed.

We couldn’t leave without something sweet to end the night so we ordered Fresh Strawberries, Crème Anglaise and Elderberry Syrup (68 kr. / $11 / 38.5₪). Simple and tasty but a bit too overpriced for a small plate with a few strawberries and cream.

Addis Online:

Aeroskobing Rogeri

This is a must stop if you love smoked fish! They are situated right on to the harbor so it was the perfect spot to get something to bite before boarding the ferry back to the mainland.

They smoke all the fish by themselves on location and the place boasts a great selection: herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, halibut, escolar and even shrimp and eel.

The fish of your choice is served with bread and butter, or potato salad. There are also sandwiches available. The prices range from 39 kr. / $6.5 / 22₪ to 84 kr. / $13.5 / 47.5₪.

Everything we tried was wonderful, the price reasonable and the staff friendly.

Aeroskobing Rogeri Online:

Paa Torvet Cafe

This cafe is centrally located on the town square. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon here, sipping great coffee and having one of the most delicious carrot cakes I’ve ever had.

Paa Torvet Cafe Online:

We realize Ærø might not be a top destination for your next vacation, but if you’re ever in South Denmark – it promises a very unique experience. If you’re already married – congrats! And if not – consider Ærø as an option 🙂