OmNomNomad’s Foodie Guide to Copenhagen

Last September we spent four and a half days in Copenhagen. Even though we couldn’t get a table at Noma, Copenhagen is full of other culinary gems. This guide follows our trip through this fantastic city. While it’s not a complete guide by all means, I did spend quite some time researching online for an itinerary that includes a variety of interesting places, kitchens and activities. The gamut runs between cheap street food and Michelin starred restaurant.

This guide is divided into 5 sections: Breakfast\Brunch, Coffee Shops\Bakeries, Restaurants, Food Markets and Smørrebrød (traditional Danish dish). Each section also includes tips to what kind of things you can see and do in the area and of course a link to the full story on our blog.
At the end of the post you’ll find a map with all the places mentioned for your convenience.

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Palette Adventure | Kadeau, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Kadeau

Kadeau wasn’t in our original planning. We actually had a reservation to AOC, which also holds two Michelin stars. I got such a warm recommendation from one of my fellow foodie instagram friends that I decided to cancel and book at Kadeau (why not both? I can only fit one two Michelin starred restaurant in a trip full of other Michelin starred restaurants without my husband wanting to kill me).

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From the Chef’s Table | Studio, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Studio

Studio is one of the three restaurants located at The Standard hotel, in the heart of Copenhagen, right by the harbor. The restaurant currently holds one Michelin star, which it earned only four months after opening in October 2013. Like most high end restaurant in Copenhagen, it has a connection to Noma. The head chef of Studio, Torsten Vildgaard, was a sous chef there and the head chef at its test kitchen for 8 years. Together with sous chef Bjarke von Holck, formerly of AOC, they strive to create a Nordic experience with influences from French and Japanese cuisines.

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Food on the Right Frequency | Radio, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Radio

Couldn’t get a table at Noma? That’s OK, we couldn’t either. Luckily for us (and you, if you’re planning a visit to this lovely city) Copenhagen is full of other culinary gems. Many of those are even somehow connected to Noma and Radio is no exception. The masterminds behind Radio are Clause Meyer and Jesper Kirketerp. Meyer, among his other great achievements, opened Noma together with chef René Redzepi. Today he’s the proud owner of Radio, as well as the Michelin starred restaurant Studio, a vinegar brewery, a cooking school, Meyers Bageri and many other establishments.

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Leave No Potato Behind | Amass, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Amass

Located practically in the middle of nowhere is an impressive looking industrial warehouse with its own garden. Inside it – Amass – the super hyped restaurant by chef Matt Orlando, formerly of the three-starred and two starred Michelin restaurants Le Bernardin, Le Manoir, The Fat Duck and Per Se. Orlando also spent quite some time in Noma’s kitchen and at 2013 decided to leave and open his own place.

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Nordic Cuisine that’s Well Worth It | Höst, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Höst

Preparing the culinary itinerary for our 4 days in Copenhagen, a city that in itself became a foodie pilgrimage, was not an easy task. The hardest part of all was choosing the last restaurant. After this choice is made, no further restaurants can go on the list. Our last choice was Höst and I don’t regret it.

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The Dark Side of Smørrebrød | Øl & Brød, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Øl & Brød

Perhaps the dish most identified with traditional danish cuisine is the open faced sandwich known as smørrebrød. It usually consists of dark rye bread, dense with a distinct taste, spread with butter and topped with cold pieces of meat or pickled\smoked fish. The variations are endless.

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The Light Side of Smørrebrød | Aamanns, Copenhgaen

Om Nom Nomad - Aamanns

Perhaps the dish most identified with traditional danish cuisine is the open faced sandwich known as smørrebrød. It usually consists of dark rye bread, dense with a distinct taste, spread with butter and topped with cold pieces of meat or pickled\smoked fish. The variations are endless.

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