100 Things to do in Tokyo

Om Nom Nomad - 100 things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a vast, strange and exciting city, which is impossible to exhaust. I’ve compiled for you a list of 100 things to see, eat and do after spending two weeks there. If you’d like to know more about some of the items on the list click the name to read my post about it.

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Japanese dogs and one more animal you wouldn’t expect to see on the streets

Many things that are often mundane in other countries become quite fascinating in Japan. Japanese dogs is one of those things. Japanese love and care for their dogs and it shows. During my 2 week trip in Tokyo, I’ve encountered many dogs and worked to capture these cute little creatures. Well, on camera at least. How little are they? Very. Most of the dogs I saw were pretty small, and considering the size of an average apartment in Tokyo, that makes sense.

So enough with the blabber, let’s get some cuteness on screen.

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Yummy Tour of Nakamise Shopping Street @ Asakusa, Tokyo

Nakamise shopping street is 250 meters long and has close to 100 shops and stalls in which you can find traditional as well as cheesy souvenirs and authentic Japanese snacks. The street leads to the famous Sensoji Temple. The temple is the oldest and most visited temple in Tokyo. If your visit in Tokyo is short, and you have time for only one temple, I would highly recommend visiting this one. Read More

Tasting 17 Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

A bit terrifying to think the total number of calories of all the Kit Kat that I currently have in my house is 7456.

Japanese Kit Kat was something I have dreamed about tasting for a long time. While visiting Tokyo I set myself a goal to grab as many different Kit Kat flavors as I could find. Finding them was not always easy, but it was well worth it. They all have really unique tastes and smells, not to mention very cool packaging. I also really like how each box\piece of Kit Kat has a space on the back for writing personal notes. That space is meant for friends and family to write words of encouragement to students which are studying for their entrance exams. That is probably because Kit Kat sounds similar to the “kitto katsu” – a Japanese phrase roughly translated as “you will surely win\succeed”. Read More

[Part 1] Japanese Snacks Galore

One of my favorite thing to do when I’m abroad is visit the local supermarkets and grocery stores. I really like seeing what the supermarkets are packed with and look for stuff I can’t find at home. This time I really pushed my limits as I’ve returned from Tokyo with an entire suitcase full of snacks and random sweets. Here I plan to share some images and impressions from each. Every now and then I’ll add more snacks as I open and taste them. Read More

Drink Vending Machines – Tokyo

I’ve kept hearing all about Tokyo’s vending machines, and in particular, soft drink vending machines. Coming to Japan, I felt like I’m on a mission to gamble and try a different drink each day of my vacation in Tokyo. Read More

Fruits & Veggies in Tokyo

Traveling in Tokyo for the first time, I didn’t feel that it is exceptionally expensive. We were actually quite surprise how reasonably priced food and drinks, restaurants, clothes, public transportation and attractions, since Japan is perceived as being a very expensive country.

In my first 2 days there, the only fruits and vegetables I encountered were those presented in Depachika (department store basements which are filled with fine-quality food). The counters selling fruits and vegetables in Depachika are actually gift shops. They are considered luxury gift items and are wrapped, presented and prices as such. I was a bit puzzled at first – could it really be that these are the prices of apples, grapes and melons in Tokyo? Read More