Mahane Yehuda Market Street Food | Jerusalem, Israel

Om Nom Nomad - Mahane Yehuda Market Street Food

Good morning from winter chilly warm and sunny Jerusalem. Who could imagine such a sun shining on Jerusalem in February. We seized the day (and the weather) and drove east to pay a visit to Mahane Yehuda Market and have a taste of some of the many street food joints in and around the market.

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Burning Pineapples and Sweet Monsters | Lokkee, Singapore

Om Nom Nomad - Lokkee and Sweet Monster

Lokkee is a place full of contradictions. While it might be physically located inside a mall, it is nothing like what you’d expect to see in a mall food court, both in terms of food and decor. It serves favorite Chinese recipes but with a unique and witty play. As befitting an oriental Chinese restaurant, red is a dominant color here, but the walls are covered with pop art pieces in Chinese style and statues with a statement. It’s a family restaurant but the “extra moist” wet tissue was served at the beginning of the dinner in a condom-like package.

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16 of Seoul’s Coolest Coffee and Dessert Shops

Om Nom Nomad

South Korea, the nation of Kimchi has turned in recent years to a nation of coffee shops. In a city with more than 17,000 coffee shops (source: reuters), it’s not surprising that some of them are among the most extraordinary and bizarre themed cafe joints in the world! Korean themed cafes include ring making cafe, cat, dog and even sheep cafe, Hello Kitty themed cafe, Lego Cafe, selfie cafe and a photo studio cafe. Just think of a concept – there’s probably already a cafe in Seoul just like that!

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Polka Dots and Lightning Ice Cream | Oddies Foodies, Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies is not your usual ice cream place. As you enter you’re confronted with a window where all sorts of crazy and astounding ice cream cones are lined up like pretty Barbie dolls. And boy, are they spectacular, with designs that are somewhere between inspiring and insane. Originally they had another branch in Wan Chai which closed down.

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Exploring Authentic Food @ Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

One of the most known and visited markets in Tel Aviv is the Carmel Market, which was established in 1920. The market is located right in the center of the city, close to the sea, Alenby street and Nachlat Binyamin. The market is filled with grocery stalls piled high with fresh fruits and vegetables, bakeries, butcheries, deli shops, artisan cheese, candy, herbs and spices, as well as cheap clothing items and various knick knacks. Read More

Almakel – Tel Aviv

We started our Friday walkabout with a visit to the Meat Paleo Market, which took place at Tel Aviv Port. Meat Paleo initiate all kind of events for the paleolithic community, and this time they organized this great market and brought together the best of Israeli produce straight from the breeders and farmers. Meat Paleo do these kind of events every once in a while, so you can follow them on Facebook if you would like to know when the next event is taking place. Read More

Ice Cream Paradise – Namco Namja Town, Tokyo

Looking for cool\unusual arcades I read about Namja Town. Namja Town is a Namco theme park opened in 1996 inside the Sunshine City shopping complex in east Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo. In retrospect this arcade is mostly suitable to Japanese kids of younger age, since the vast majority of the attractions there require knowing Japanese. So after paying the entrance fee (¥500) and doing a quick tour around the place, we turned to the main reason we came there – tasting gyozas and weird ice cream. Read More