Almakel – Tel Aviv

We started our Friday walkabout with a visit to the Meat Paleo Market, which took place at Tel Aviv Port. Meat Paleo initiate all kind of events for the paleolithic community, and this time they organized this great market and brought together the best of Israeli produce straight from the breeders and farmers. Meat Paleo do these kind of events every once in a while, so you can follow them on Facebook if you would like to know when the next event is taking place.

Om Nom Nomad - Almakel

Since we had a long day ahead of us, we just wanted to grab something easy for the road. Once I saw Almakel ice cream are selling Cinnamon Rice ice cream I knew I could not pass the opportunity to taste it. Besides ice cream flavor you also get to choose which type of chocolate to cover it with. I went for milk chocolate.

Om Nom Nomad - Almakel

The best thing about this ice cream in my opinion – it does not melt, which is a great bonus considering the harsh Tel Aviv summer (and YES, even in November it’s really hot here). The flavor of the ice cream itself was fantastic and the texture was so smooth. If you’re a rice pudding lover like me, you’re going to love it! They are not only selling their ice creams in casual markets, but they also have a boutique shop in Florentin. Stay cool!

Om Nom Nomad - Almakel

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