What the Duck | Non Entrée Desserts, Singapore

Om Nom Nomad - Non Entrée Desserts

Scavenging through Instagram to build my foodie itinerary for Singapore I came across many pictures of a rubber ducky. Oddly enough – this wasn’t the case of mis-hashtagging we all often bump into in Instagram. Rather, this was an actual edible rubber ducky! Turns out this is one of the signature desserts at Non Entrée Desserts.

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16 of Seoul’s Coolest Coffee and Dessert Shops

Om Nom Nomad

South Korea, the nation of Kimchi has turned in recent years to a nation of coffee shops. In a city with more than 17,000 coffee shops (source: reuters), it’s not surprising that some of them are among the most extraordinary and bizarre themed cafe joints in the world! Korean themed cafes include ring making cafe, cat, dog and even sheep cafe, Hello Kitty themed cafe, Lego Cafe, selfie cafe and a photo studio cafe. Just think of a concept – there’s probably already a cafe in Seoul just like that!

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Matcha Ado About Nothing | BackDoor By Sunny, Tel Aviv

Om Nom Nomad - BackDoor By Sunny

A while back we visited Nithan Thai, and wrote all about it. Today we share with you what’s going on in its backyard. BackDoor by Sunny is an Asian inspired bakery which is located, you guessed it right, right at the back of Nithan Thai. The bakery was opened a few months ago by Sunny Deri, one of the most esteemed pastry chefs in Israel today. Since our visit, though, Deri decided to leave due to “incompatibility with Nithan Thai’s chef” according to Time Out magazine (Hebrew).

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A Cake by the Lake | Strangas Dessert Boutique, Copenhagen

Om Nom Nomad - Strangas

Strangas is a dessert boutique owned by the Greek pastry chef Nikolaous Strangas. Previously he worked at the Hilton Hotel in Copenhagen followed by the Italian-inspired Michelin restaurant Era Ora. A Greek entering an Italian restaurant in Denmark – sounds like a beginning of a joke, eh? Strangas’ pastry skills, however, are no laughing matter.

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The Molecular Dessert Bar you don’t want to miss | ZUC.CCH.ERO, Hong Kong

Om Nom Nomad - ZUC.CCH.ERO

When planning our trip to Hong Kong, we originally made reservations for a different dessert place. After seeing photos on Instagram though, we knew we had to cancel those and make sure to reserve a spot in ZUC.CCH.ERO. Because of the rigorous planning of said trip, we reserved our place via Facebook months in advance, which turned to be an unusual event for the dessert bar – nevertheless our reservation was kept. In fact, when we made the reservation via Facebook Messenger, the person on the other side of the keyboard (and on the other side of the world) turned out to be Karen, one of the co-owners. She was nice and kind both online and offline.

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Polka Dots and Lightning Ice Cream | Oddies Foodies, Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies is not your usual ice cream place. As you enter you’re confronted with a window where all sorts of crazy and astounding ice cream cones are lined up like pretty Barbie dolls. And boy, are they spectacular, with designs that are somewhere between inspiring and insane. Originally they had another branch in Wan Chai which closed down.

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Universal Yums Box – February-April Boxes Review

I’ve been wanting to join one of these snack box subscriptions for a while now, so when I read an article in one of Israel’s popular news sites about one such service which started delivering to Israel, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give this thing a try. We subscribed to 3 month worth of Universal Yums boxes and in this post we’ll share the boxes we received, what was inside and what we thought of it.

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Snackable: Milk Bakery, Tel Aviv

Last Friday we had the pleasure of visiting Milk Bakery, once again. Milk Bakery is an excellent patisserie located at Jaffa’s Flea Market that never fails to deliver outstanding baking goods. It was founded by Adi Kihan, a patisserie with an impressive track record of working in top notch restaurants and bakeries both in Israel and in France. Read More